Episode VII
The Source Awakens
10 March 2022

Thursday, 10 March 2022


Call for Papers now open! Get your sessions in before 14th of November.
Learn new skills, share experiences and get an update on all things geek.
Show your competitive edge and reign in everlasting glory with creative puzzles.
Enjoy a great night out with lots of fun!

Call for Papers opened for Episode VII

The Call for Papers for the upcoming mini.CONF Episode VII - The Source Awakens is now open. Please submit your proposals for sessions before the 14th of November, 2021. More info can be found on this page.
14 October 2021

Call for Papers announcement

After more than a year of enclosure, we Hermits can come out and see daylight again. And oh boy we are in luck, the mini.CONF is coming again. This year we have Episode VII - The Source Awakens. This gives you the opportunity to exchange your KENNIS you have acquired during these hard times with the rest of us. So crawl straight back to your cave, get some ink and submit your papers. The Call For papers will start on the 14th of October, 2021.
12 October 2021

Episode VII Announced

The mini.CONF organisers are proud to announce the next installment in our saga. Episode VII - The Source Awakens. More info will follow soon…
12 October 2021

Thank you for Taking Revenge!

Thank you for your participation in Episode SX - Revenge of the Hermit. We had a blast!
05 March 2021

Hermits Unite!

Today is the day that all hermits unite! Episode SX - Revenge of the Hermit takes place this evening. Make sure you’re there on time to join in on the fun. The event is accessible with the link you received in your e-mail, from 17:45.
04 March 2021